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The Metronome item increases the power of moves used consecutively, right? That is, if a Machamp holding a Metronome uses Dynamicpunch turn after turn, its power gets boosted by 10% each time. Now, here's what I want to know:

1) Does this apply to moves that are used turn after turn, like Uproar or Rollout?

2) Does this apply to moves that hit the foe multiple times, such as Bone Rush, Spike Cannon, or Twinneedle?

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  1. This applies to everytime the turn is used, not everytime it hits. So Rollout would get the metrnonome boost everytime you select the move to use.

  2. Again, the boost is applied when you use it, not when it hits, so it would only be boosted by metronome when you select it.

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I see! Yup, your answers covered everything I asked for. Thanks!
You're welcome! Glad I could help :D
i forgot if that item also makes consecutive moves, like fury attack, rollout, etc, more likely to do a higher number of hits. that's to say, more likely to do closer or up to the maximum amount of times the moves go on for. does it work that way? also, i know this isn't related, but i'm really curious. can you ride a pokemon in any of the newest games (black and white onwards) as you normally would with a bike? if not, that should be an option, as i think it'd be awsome.