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Hello! I'm not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but in my Pokemon Black 2 game, at the beginning of Route 4, North of Castelia and South of Nimbasa City there is a Trainer called Breeder Irene. I battled her once and then every time I leave the Route 4 area and return to it again, it's as if I haven't battled her at all and she attacks me again? I'm not sure if it was a Glitch for just Black 2 or if it's happening on White 2 also, I just want to know if it should be happening. I read on another forum that Breeders in White and Black 2 continue to battle you for "Easy Experience" during the game (I guess it would make sense as they're breeders) but I'm not sure.




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Don't worry. It should be happening.
On some Route, Pokemon Breeders will battle you every time you return to an area. Irene is one of these trainers.

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