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In HeartGold.

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good question!
thanks you guys!! great help!
I don't know if its luck or god helped me but I caught a Rayquaza with a ...(you wont bealive it) POKEBALL! Soul Silver no hacks at all.
I caught Dialga in a pokeball. And i believe i caught na articuno in a pokeball. IT sems like ingame legendaries aere the easiest to catch.
as in duets

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Well Master Ball of course. However, I am sure you mean besides that. Dusk Balls, as Swampert said, are great not just at night but also in caves. However, if you ever try to catch a Pokemon in Day, use Ultra Balls. After about 20 turns, start using Timer Balls, even if you are playing at Night or in a Cave, Timer Balls have excellent capture rate when enough turns have passed.

Ha, I totally forgot about timer balls.
just use a master ball and BOOM
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Dusk Balls at night or in a cave have a massive 3.5 catch rate.

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Agreed, dusk balls for most of them. I used a heavy ball on Kyogre and a fast ball on Zapdos and they also worked very well.

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  • heavy balls on kyogre groudon and rayquaza.

  • if you are a high level use nest balls on the dogs.

  • dusk balls on mewtwo or anyone in the dark.

  • quick balls on latias or latios if you dont use mean look.

  • master on ho-oh or lugia ultra for the one at level 70.

  • whatever necessary on the birds