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Hey Guys

I got a question, can you get another Tornadus/Thundurus/Landorus? The reason I want another one because my Tornadus has a crappy nature (Naughty DX) and I know I can't soft reset. So I can I capture another one in the dream radar?

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Oh, crap, that's too bad .-.
Was that sarcasm?
Why would you assume that over a text?
No, seriously, that wasn't. But what is Naughty Nature again? All I know is that it's an unwanted nature for Tornadus-T xD
+Atk , -SDef
Sorry, that just how I see it sometimes, it's just me, I just got to hope that Thundurus and Landorus have good natures.

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You can see him again, but he drops a rare candy.
Or you could delete that Dream Radar and buy anthor.

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You shouldnt answer if you dont know
I suppose you could delete dream radar off your 3DS, buy it again and play it from start?
That's a waste of money. Live with that Tornadus (I got Hasty <3)