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I Read what you said and then I thought well if some one did use the upper right search to type in Houndoom, but they meant the user not the tag. But what shows up is houndoom with stats. (im just getting this from the top of my head) I havent tryed yet to see what happens if I did that but I bet thats what would hapen. One more thing If you don't get a search for users or tags then at least put them alphibeticle. (not sure how to spell it)

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Well yes you're right, you will also get questions with "houndoom" in them from other users. But it will be a mix, including some questions from the users houndoom or houndoom123. So if you search that way for a user you will probably find them easier.

The software for the Q&A is an external one written by someone else (although I help out a lot with suggestions etc). I think a user and tag search is still a good idea though, so I will suggest it, maybe we can add it soon.

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Hey Pokemaster, Upvoted although it about 1 Year, 10 month and 5 days too late to vote.
P.S. When are u going to change my username?
Search absol and see what you find...MU HAHAHAHAHA