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I've ran into so many questions that are containing spoilers for X and Y, and I really can't stand this anymore.

The game might be in three days, I'm totally aware, and so this might not be as relevant anymore, but some people browsing the internet want X and Y to stay a surprise.

The first worldwise release of a Pokemon game will be huge for many Pokemon fans, and we don't want to see all this information that isn't even officially confirmed.

Since the illegal patch of the game was released, many people can see the screenshots of the game, and some other Pokemon sites could be creating fake screenshots to trick users, and once they reveal it was false information, there would be a bunch of irrelevant information on this site that is false.

Something should really be done about this because their could be false information lurking a trustworthy site. So questions about X and Y should either be against the rules, or at least be warned that the questions could contain spoilers.

Even a spoiler button would be helpful, under the circumstances. But I really wouldn't recommend this, since people can accidentally click on it.

Please reconsider your stance on spoilers. Thank you.

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May I ask why you would come on an informative Pokemon site if you do not want to learn more about X and Y?
Most curious people would want to learn about X and Y, but others, like me, don't like spoilers and would like to be a surprise. And I know I'm not the only one.
I don't think you understand my question. I am asking why would you come on to a Pokemon site who's purpose is to give out information (hence DB=Database) when you don't want to know anything about the upcoming Pokemon games?
Not everyone uses the site for info. Almost all the moderators stopped in Pokebase / BS.
I highly agree with this. I suggest a variation of noting what generation it is tagged with so we not only have spoilers (perhaps a way to filter out questions with certain tags so people can block out questiions about the new games?) but can also find when posts become outdated easier.
Yeah I get that, but at the end of the day a Pokemon site is gonna report info on the new Games. So I'm confused as to why even log on if you don't want Spoilers; hell the're Spoilers on the homepage
Maybe the people want information for the previous generations (this is not at all a Farfetch'd idea, as 15 of the 19 questions on the front page deal with things either Gen V or before, or just in general in regards to the generations. Two of the questions deal with Pokemon Bank, leaving really only two questions dealing with X and Y), maybe to just hang out with the people on the site, maybe to organize a battle or trade?  

I agree with the suggestion for a spoiler tag to be required, or at the very least for experts and above to edit in the tag. Pokemaster himself has made sure to say that the Gen VI questions he has put up have spoilers. He has also been careful to not put up the leaks for the game up on the news page, instead only giving official Game Freak information.

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Firstly, everything that is listen on the main site, in our Pokedex and so on, is confirmed and definitely in the game. (Not confirmed by Nintendo, but it's impossible to be fake as there are too many different people posting the stuff.)

For PokemonDb, the majority of the content is restricted to the marked X&Y pages so it should be obvious where spoilers are. The only thing you might run into are the Mega Evolutions on a Pokemon's page, and some new moves. However, due to the way the pages work it's difficult to hide this stuff as spoilers.

As for Pokebase, I can see that question titles about X&Y will spoil a lot of stuff, so I have set all X&Y questions to be faded with the question appearing on mouseover. All X&Y questions should be tagged with 'xy' (that's what the spoiler is based on). I will leave the spoiler styles in place for a few weeks. I might look at implementing something else in future for general hiding of tags.

Mods/Editors/Experts please keep an eye out for questions that are mistagged. Any users without edit privileges can flag the question for moderator attention (best to leave a comment, maybe the original asker will fix their own question).

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Thank you for adding this. :)