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While some might make the arguement of Scyther or Electivire being the mascot Pokemon, they aren't really since there are two of them. Here are some mascots that other sites have:

Will's Poke Profiles: Mew
serebii: Celebi
smogon: Koffing
Bulbapedia: Bulbasaur

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Well I think you sould Have like, A kid on the computer on one side Or/and Porygon(one of the evolutins),and Rotom. Since there look all techy. But Rotom Looks kooler.
What's wrong with Electivire and Scyther they are both great pokemon
My website's mascot is mainly torterra
Nothing is wrong with Electivire and Scyther, I just think it should be one or the other, not both.
I think that is this really not that important they do not seem like mascots really just part of the header becuase a mascot is usually part of every or almost every page not just the header
Is there a rule that says you can't have two mascots?

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Yeah maybe but there can be two mascots. I like Gabstersaur's idea of using Porygon to look techy.

I was gonna change it up to make it random but never got round to it.

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Keep Electivire,he's the greatest Electric-type.
You can make a pole which everyone will say which pokemon they want and why. then you can choose your favorite 6 arguments and make a team mascot.