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i had a brainstorm.
i was thinking about getting mascots for pokebase, RMT, and meta.
for example, for the meta we could have metapod because... you know... meta pod... ah, forget it.
well, anyway, it's just an idea.

Edit: we could also have a mascot for chat, too. i was thinking maybe something from the whismur evolutionary line.

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Just a quick statement, but the "meta" part of "Metapod" is from "metamorphosis".
Also, for chat use Chatot!

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Nice idea, might get round to it at some point :)

P.S. FizzSwift, the "meta" from "metamorphosis" is referring to "the self", same as the meta in Meta-Pokebase :D

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Haha, good point :)
Name Etomolgy 101 :P