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Someone just spammed me up (I think) by 400 points. I remember having 8,600, and someone just pushed me to 9,000.

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You know trachy you may be on to something(not banning every odd numbered user BTW DT is also odd numbered, I mean the evil plot part) Someone might be spam up-voted to try to make people argue or feel guilty and quit or get in trouble. IT IS A CONSPIRACY (O.O)
BS, i'm 43#!! that ****** better stop it..
I doubt that trachy is going to ban: DT, Pokemaster, Swampert, PB, DD, Mew, 4S, Fritjof, Fizzcube, NJ, etc.
Yea! I'm (unfortunately) #66 on here, #68 on PB, #4,274 on RMT (XD). I'm safe!
And I agree with Mr. Canada (XD, really Speed Freak) that Trachy is just kidding around. And did anyone take this consideration:  Maybe some people (Remember, its just a theory) were looking at Mews profile page and at old questions and thought they were good, so they up-voted them. I'm just saying' I think thats what happened.
phew, im 70!

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I don't see anything unusual in the database, so maybe people upvoted you for... I dunno... writing good posts?

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Yeah for logic :D
Huh, people being nice...?
I think I'll be the first to say: LOL!!!! XD
From what he said, he got 400 points without posting pretty much any new stuff...