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Okay, everytime I ask a question, I get an answer. Usually it is from someone like ミュウ, Will, Ninja, or Hex. But when I get answers from the lower scoring users, they put stuff like this:

this is hwo you do this blah blah blah

They don't capitalize, they misspell, and I think that we should have a rule for making questions/answers neat!

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We do, and Editors, Mods, and Experts are supposed to correct those nearly illegible answers. Is there a recent one that we missed? Could you give us a link?

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This is correct. It says right in the rules, second bullet point: "Post in proper sentences, not text-speak or shorthand or long run-on sentences."

I try to edit as much as I can. But if an answer is completely incomprehensible, it's fine to hide it.