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So I was on this site's homepage and I saw this

Is it the site or?

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Pokemon Database has had a run-in with Missingno. and became glitched.
Don't worry, I'll restart the server in a few hours and everything will be OK.

P.S. Check your calendar. If you are in America, check it in about 8 hours or so :D

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This is the coolest thing ever XD Masterballx999
You rule Pokemaster
You're just too cool XD
I liked last year's better
Cool and crazy.
That is all I can think.
Oh, I tried to report the same thing, exept I didn't see it on April Fools, so I thought it WAS a REAL glitch. LOL!
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April Fools, Mate. You got trolled. PM did it because its April Fools for him right now.

Chek teh MissingNos in teh Pokedechks >:3

MissingNo will kill us all.

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Pokemaster is awesome XD
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Pokemaster changed it in honor of April Fool's Day.

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