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I find it annoying that I can't mantain order on the chat room. I feel that we should be able to have the ban option. One similar to that on Shoddy Battle would work, as I feel that showing the ability to ban would be enough to stop "trouble-makers".

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If you are refering specifaccly to me sorry
I am not sure if it is necessary but I kind of agree at least ban them for a certain amount of time like a week?
I agree with trachy just the ability to be banned like why people are scared of there bosses for being fired
If some one gets told that there baned at least tell them for a certain reason and if or if not be able get there account back. (I know its partly me that every one want to ban)
Yes. I am wanting to have something that when you are banned a screen appears saying the amount of time you are banned and reason for being banned.

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Yes I see your point. I definitely need to work on the chat room a bit more, it's very simple right now...

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