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Ok i think it would be nice to have a similar toolbar (dont know what its called) to facebook.

So i know that there have been many suggestions lately and have lots to do but it would be pretty neet.
So we cant have friend request button but we can have a message and notification system.

The Message button is where the private messaging system come in
The Friend request button should be a people online button so you can see whos on chat at all times.
The Notification button is where i got the idea from because its nice to know when people have commented and answered while you have been away.

Sorry if its a stupid idea but i like the idea and hope if this isnt hidden you get round to it.

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I like this idea :D
I Like this Idea Also,I Up Vote ;)
I don't really think that the DB should be a Facebook like site. You can already do the notification part of it. After you comment or put an answer, there should be a box that you can check off saying if the DB should email you if the answer was commented on or another comment was added after yours.
Notifications would be nice, but like Mew said, this site isn't REALLY a social Pokemon site (that's Chat anyway).
But LIVE notifications would be a nice alternative to constantly checking the little box and checking for an e-mai.
I know and its nice that you support it,as for your social site point the messaging system part has been suggested many times before so i thought i would bring it into this plus this site is already social a bit but as before i see your point.
But the friends on chat suggestions is basicly just like the friend request button on the far left as i said should be a little drop down box to tell you whos on chat if anybody didnt get what i said in the post. :)

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The notifications will be coming soon. People have asked for private messaging before and it is possible with the system we use, but I don't like how it works so I need to change it a bit.

Probably won't be doing "friend requests" as this is not a social network. But there have been requests for a "who's online" before and I do plan on doing that at some point...

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:D that's great but the friend request thing I didn't ask it was just the thing that would be replaced but thanks for answering