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>sometimes, it is not on the front page, so new users won't know about it.
EDIT: i just saw it to the right in the "Useful Questions" Section.

PokemonDB on Twitter

PokemonDB on Facebookémon-Database/130382887039908?sk=likes

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Made it look pretty.
Thank you. I hope he considers it.
Maybe also a pokegen link and why bulbapedias base stats, we have our own ;)
Also smogon has a neat gen4 damage calculated I've found very usefull when making teams but there's probably updated ones.
PokeGen link is there now. Im also going to add the uploader.

Yes there are stats on this stats, but these can be organized from high to low, so you can search for specific stats easily.

If you find the link, i'll put it up.
Do you need an AR to use Pokegen?
If by AR, u mean Action Replay, then no. All u need is a wi-fi connection.

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Pokemaster, I suggest you add this.

Um, I already have this:

oo ok, i saw it. But what about page for the other links??