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Suggestion about Flags.

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Well there has been a Flagging problem Recently, Flags for no reason on Users Post.My Suggestion is:
>On our profile we have the part that says How many Up-Votes/Down-Votes we have gave out same for Received I think we should have the same for Flags,It can Help people find Spam Flaggers Quicker and can just be One less Head ace to worry about ;)

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Though it would be rather annoying to have Meta posts popping up all the time saying "THIS PERSON HAS X NUMBER OF FLAGS! And having it end up that 80% of the time they would be legit flags. It would be best to just have Editors/Mods know when something has been flagged so they can deal with it accordingly. Maybe having Editors and Mods be-able to see (Flagged 1 hour ago by User) so we can tell who is doing it, this info would be useless towards regular users and could cause fights, but editors and mods can do something about it.
Well Abnormal, I did not mean weird in the way that it shouldn't really be there, I meant it in a way that having Flags would be an odd statistic to have on a profile.
Sure, it would be quicker, and of course users would report things like this right away, but Speed freak makes a good point about having people post constantly about how many flags users have given.
And mods and editors eventually see this stuff anyways, what if a user with a large number of flags are not spamming, but in fact just so happened to see a lot of rule breaking answers and questions?
Who's to judge?
All I can say here is that 4S is right by saying that this is useless if you are trying to find a Spam Flagger. Many of people have Flagged, which makes this suggestion more redundant. What can be suggested is to raise the Flag Point limit to prevent spam flags from happening, not making them visible in the profile. IMO, this is not needed at all. Also, this information wouldn't benefit the ordinary User, so I also agree with 4S by saying that only Editors, Mods, and Pokemaster should only have access to this information,  not every single User.  Plus, we don't need no disputes on Chat over flagging, now do we?
Oh I understand what you mean Samx4;)PB thanks for better explaining it;) Speed I understand ;)
Great! :)
But don't worry anyways, Pokemaster will figure something out. (And this isn't even really that big of a deal anyways.)

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I don't think this will really help to be honest. I might raise the points needed to flag, but in general it's not a huge problem.

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