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Since the movesets were done a long time ago when users weren't that experts of movesets (no offence to anyone) ,maybe we should redo them for better movesets

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Ha, no offense taken. I can do much better movesets now.

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Yes, this is a good idea BUT I don't want to start a whole bunch of new questions. I think we should go back and edit/update the old ones.

For example, two questions for Arcanine were asked recently:
But there is the original:

So really we ought to just have one question with all the best movesets.

I always intended to add my own examples to the moveset questions but I only ever did a few. Maybe we can pick a few pokemon each week and go back to add movesets in?

Post a comment or answer if you have some better ideas!!

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Like serebii's Pokemon of the week? Maybe we should have 3 Pokemon a week.
This week how about Abomasnow, Absol, and Aerodactyl?