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@ Pokemaster, OK, on people's profiles, is it possible where you could make it to where people can comment on another person's profile? Then they could point out things like misspellings. Or they could just ask questions about your profile, but not leave rude comments.

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If you do this Pokemaster you should make it so only Editors, Mods, and the user with the profile able to see it. And have the user who has the profile able hide comments in case they are mean.
I agree with that. That is what it should be like.
If i had enough points, i would upvote. I like the idea
I was just thinking that like 2 weeks ago....... you went inside my mind and took that idea
Awesome idea. Few additions possibly:

- Maybe have a certain amout of points needed to post a comment of this kind,
- As usual, Mods could hide comments and any rude post would be treated as rude posts on Chat - possible bans.
FINALY!!! *upvote

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Pointing out misspellings on people's profiles is a pretty minor issue that you could just mention in chat next time you see them.

But the idea itself is not a bad one, there may be some kind of private messaging in the future...

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