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On this question someone posted an answer calling the user, champion222, an idiot. It had 4 flags and i don't condone the language, so i went to flag it. But, instead of "flag", it said "flag and hide". I clicked it and the answer was gone.

Is there a 5 flag limit or was it a glitch?? I never saw a rule about it and this is both the first time i've been able to do this and also seeing something with 4 flags.

Mods and editors should be able to see it. I can't see or apparently reverse it.

I know some might call this question pointless, but what if someone with less maturity was able to do this??

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LOL when anything gets lagged 5 times it is hidden.

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Yes when an answer hits five flags its automatically hidden by whoever flagged it the fifth time no matter who they are

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oo ok. Thank you. First time happening.
no problem