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Give experts the ability to collectively hide a post.

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By that I mean, have an "expert's flag" sort of deal, where if 3 experts flag a post, it gets hidden.
Sometimes (some=most), we get hide-worthy posts while no editors/mods are on, and about 5-6 experts are on, and we just facepalm until it gets 5 flags (which takes for ever because people don't care enough to flag).

Why not just make expert flags count as 2-3 flags instead of 1? Posts get hidden when they reach 5 flags, so if it really is invalid, it'll be hidden much faster with the influence of experts speeding that up.
commented 4 hours ago by DarkTyphlosion

That might work better and be alot easier for you to implement, so yeah.

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That would work.
We should make it so that five experts come together to form Voltron and obliterate not only the answer, but the entire internet.

We should also start calling everybody Registered Users because we all registered.
I definitely agree with obliterating the internet. That sounds like fun.
In that quote, it says "Posts get hidden when they reach 5 posts" it should be flags, not posts.

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