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Mods can ban and kick
Editors can kick
However there are the few times that Experts are on chat without Mods or Editors so I think it may be worthwhile having a command like Showdown's /warn to kick a troll to the rule page to something. Just an idea that popped into my head while reading trachy's suggestion.

Edit: I also feel this will help as several of the Mods/Editors are now attending Uni/College/or are busy with HS, and with Experts able to warn it'll allow us to cover that period of the day where activity is ripe (such as when apex was here) and people like me or Jojo are available at that time it'll make life easier for those members who are on.


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It's a cool idea but an expert can't kick so if we do warn someone they that's all we can do. It would be nice for Editors and Mods though.
But at least we'd be able to warn them, as a kind of "I-warn-you-so-one-more-time-bro-and-I-report-you" thingummy xD
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I'm bumping this due to a recent incident in chat where one user was issueing mild death threats at no one in particular and Hex was either AFK or asleep.
I agree with this. Experts need more. xD

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