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Sorry if this scares you, but I actually re-read the rules today (more people should do this!) It says: "No polls/opinion questions: Questions such as What is your favourite Pokemon? or Who is the best Water-type Pokemon are too open and vague to be useful. You can discuss things like that in Chat."

Sure you can but... what if there's too much going on around you to function well in a chat room? It could be fun to have another forum, e.g. PokeBase, Meta, Chat ... and then, the existing chat could be called "LiveChat" or something... err actually it's probably too confusing to rename the existing Chat, maybe it could be PokeBase, Meta and Trivia, or you know, whatever you want to call it.

I really like the Q&A forum format of this site. Also, I have found that the people on Pokemondb are a bit more mature and well, less idiotic than people on other pokemon sites. And the upvoting/downvoting system and ability to flag stupid comments and spam means that I don't have to scroll through hours of trolling to find the one relevant/good/funny answer. But yeah I ventured into the chat once, and it was a really fun place to be but I'm scared to go back in in case I lose another day of my life, I'm too busy... It's really easy to just sit in there for hours, and then you get sucked in and you don't want to leave to do normal human things like take a shower or eat something in case you miss something. And it's really easy to stay up late chatting when you're in a different timezone to the person you want to talk to.. Anyway, it would be fun to have a forum like the PokeBase but, for trivial questions. Then you could "have a conversation" or a discussion with someone here, but not necessarily in real time.

Plus, questions like this - would be welcome there. I mean I really enjoyed answering it, but I agree that technically, it probably didn't belong in the PokeBase. Although fun and interesting, it's still trivial.

I don't know how realistic this suggestion is as it could be a lot of work, but in theory the hard work's already done when you created the PokeBase, a lot of the script could just be duplicated... right..? I know we're all mostly just screennames to one another but, I feel like PokemonDB has a real community and I love it ;) Thx for listening!


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Pokemaster is actually working on making a Forum right now and should have it done in the next month or so, I'm sure we will have a Trivia section or sometihng as you mentioned when it is finished.

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