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So, when looking at my profile, it says:

>605 (258 chosen as best)

But when I click on my answers to look at them, I see:

>517 answers
232 best answers

What's going on?

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Me too. 197 (62 chosen as best), then 161 (54 chosen as best).

Maybe the first number:
>197 (62 chosen as best)

is counting ***Hidden*** Answers. Just a theory...
I really don't think I got 100 answers hidden...
same with my profile.
163 (45 chosen as best)
118  (38 chosen as best)

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It counts hidden answers, and I can believe that's your number for a primary reason.
I've hidden a LOT of bad questions that you have given a good answer too and even gotten BA on some because you didn't have the ability to hide it.
So yeah, i'm not too surprised. Most of those are not your answer being hidden, but the quest you answered being hidden. Once again, I'm normally the one hiding them so...

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Sweet. i got it.
Thanks 195cbdcf73100169!
This is right. Also just to add, if questions break the rules, people shouldn't be answering them...