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These are the rules for the RMT section.

All team questions go on the Rate My Team sub-section here. You must
follow some slightly stricter rules here, this is just to stop it
getting overrun with pointless unanswerable questions. You must
•All the Pokemon in the team (i.e. 6 for regular battles)
•All 4 moves for each Pokemon
•Abilities and Natures
•EVs (effort values) - if you don't know about these then you must state the
Pokemon's role in the team (attacker, defender, sweeper, wall etc).

Also no ingame teams are allowed. However, this does not include teams for the Battle Subway/Tower/Frontier. These are allowed as they require more competitive attributes for the teams.

If you break any of these rules then your question is likely to become hidden.

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ok think i forgot to put natres and abilitys on
Awesome Answer Trachy :)