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With Swampert inactive and DT going to college we seem to lack Mods.
We can not rely on Trachy 24/7! So i think we should turn to our most active, trust worthy and loved people on the site site, PB10 and SF.

They have more than definitely earned the position as most people will agree and I know people support this. Being at the site 2 years and still staying loyal is something to be proud of, they are two of the greatest assets on the site. They have helped out on the site so much as times gone by and together have individually brought so much to the site. For example tournaments, Wisdom in all aspects of pokemon and all the brilliant suggestions and hospitality they have provided so many users.

The site will be cleaner and a better place, you said it yourself Pokemaster.
We need more mods as the site gets bigger and better we will manage to round up some more trolls and spammers plus the fact Summer is upon us. Who else can ban and, we need them dealt with quickly and fuss free. You were considering adding 2 extra mods and we believe they will be needed.

We have 3 active Mods
4 active Editors
1 active Expert, since Hex is the only one to use his position.
Maybe we should have more?

Sorry its brief and to the point but I hope you take this into consideration.

-Every DB User who knows who they are

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Wait.. you guys do realize I'm staying right?
Obviously you have become invisible to all users but Editors, Mods, and Pokemaster. XD
^ Truth

Plus blob is friends with you guys, he doesn't really talk to me much. That has a bit of a bias.
you arnt invisible to me in fact i saw you first on GChat XD
I wouldnt say biased, yes im good friends but i mainly suggested it for the big point gap.
After what you did to smogon though with that troll made me consider you but this obviously isnt being taken into action.

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