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For no reason and to prove it I lost over 200 points in 12 hours and you know what im tired of being called rude I yell when im pissed like any other person ok and they said it was because of caps lock it wasnt in caps lock.

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Even in this question,you used caps and said a foul word. haven't you learned
I fixed the caps lock
And his mispells

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If you look at the last question, you'll see that several people are mad with you for multiple reasons. When you say that you yell when you are angry, it's an unacceptable way of responding, because while everyone does get angry, you still have to not show your anger, and learn how to control it. Most of the time, your stuff is expressed in caps lock, which gives the feeling in text that you are yelling. You probably lost 200 points in a row because people discovered that you're using multiple accounts so as to vote up your own answers, that's just unfair to everyone else who gains points legitimately, nobody likes a cheater. This just goes as a warning to you, Gabstersaur, and anybody else on this site: having anger is normal, but it's in the eyes of the beholder as to if you are seen as mature when you react to it a certain way. Anybody can do things to provoke you, but ultimately, it's on you as to how you react.

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DarkTyphlosion is seriously right!!
In the spirit of the season let is look upon each other kindly and stop, although fairly, being upset with pokemon. At least until Janurary.
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DT is completely right. Sure everyone gets angry sometimes, but you seem to get angry more than most.

As far as I can see, all your questions that were written properly did not get down-votes. The ones written all in capitals or with very bad grammar, were the ones down-voted. (Although they've been edited now.)

So just chill out, and turn off CAPS LOCK before asking questions. Thanks. And Merry Christmas ;)

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Some questions were also just completely awful.