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As to who would get this feature, I don't know, you decide.

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Oh hey guys, lets vote on this question so we can add a disable voting feature!
Seems legit.
I voted :3
Why should we have a "Disable Voting" Feature? I don't see the point. :/
I'd find the main use being for joke posts, which there have been plenty of on this site. I've been upvoted a few times for those, and they honestly should not be voted on.

I'm sure it has other uses on select questions, but I'm drawing a blank on examples. Maybe the ban report.

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I'm not sure what "joke posts" you are talking about but we should not have those on the main Pokebase site. (Meta would be fine but I haven't seen any in particular there either.)

Honestly I don't really see the point.

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Found a few recent joke posts. They're made to be silly and have no ill intentions but sometimes users upvote them because they're funny, and it can get out of hand sometimes.


Ben that second isn't exactly a joke post.
Yeah, they are Meta posts that are only up for a short amount of time, usually to go along with stuff on the chat.
MrK the second one has a hidden answer lol
ah makes sense. Nubby moment for me :D