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For example, on a question like this, how do I (or anyone else, for that matter) receive votes if no one likes going through pages of answers to questions? I, for one, hereby promise to put forth more effort to take a look at all answers given for popular questions.

EDIT: Some amazing person voted for me! Yaay!

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I'm pretty sure people still go through the pages, and look at the answers, with varying degrees of speed and attention.
Each of the answers were posted at different times as well and each time a new answer pops up, it appears on the Recent Activity tab. People will look at it then quite easily since there's an automatic link to the answer itself if you click the 'commented' or 'answered' bit.

Generally if they are not upvoted it's because they aren't that good.
Compare all the answers on the second page, to fondant's one. You can easily see a massive difference in quality.
Also people just may not like particular answers and may not bother with it. So yeah.

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