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Like if I had a Hotmail account and a Gmail account and thus made 2 Pokemondb accounts, is there anything to stop me from asking a decent question or answer bad advice on RMT and then like myself on the other account? Just curious.


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No, this has been done before. Colloquially, we’ve always called this practise making ‘duplicate accounts’ and then ‘spam up-voting’. Neither are acceptable here, and bear harsh consequences.

If one were to vote themselves, their newest account/s would be permanently banned on-sight, and their main account would also receive a ban of varying length based on the severity of the action. This is easy to track, so you’d quite assuredly end up with a ban if you did this.

Our stance on any potential abuse of the points system will be harsh. But it will have nothing to do with you if you can use one account and simply keep this community fair for other people.

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It's not easy to track if people use dynamic IP addresses!
I figured as much, and also your like the only one on meta? Wheres everybody else?
What's dynamic internet protocol address??
@sumwun I’d disagree. IP addresses for multiple fields are collected, and generally other details can be tracked too. You’d do very well to fool us around with that.
@xtreme evoboost I respond to the threads when I approve them, so I’m just the first who sees each one. Likely you’d get someone else answering if I just left each post.
@Rahat Hasan IPs are numeric identifiers for every device that connects to the internet, which are collected constantly by web servers as you browse. Dynamic IPs change at random intervals to make you harder to track, but are usually pretty easy to track back to a common source.