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Well before I had 80 points and today I only have 70! I lost all my extra privileges! Also I checked and none of my answers or questions were down-voted and nothing else happened! Pokemaster (Or mod), if you see this then please help!

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>Well from what I see you don't have any **down votes** so someone must have **removed** there up they gave you.
but a whole 10 point difference??
Down-Vote= (-10points)
Up-Vote= (+10points)
So when someone gives you a up-vote you get 10points but if they remove it or down-vote it you loose 10 points.
Yes each vote is worth 10 points to the person receiving the vote.

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Points change all the time, just deal with it. 10 points is a very small change and you'll get them back soon.

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awww but i lost all of my priviliges.. I KNOW! I'll give AWESOME answers to question!