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I Want To Nickname My Pokemon but I Can Never Think Of Good Nicknames............ If You Were To Make A Nickname Help On This Site, I'm Sure It Would Help A Lot Of People. And Im Sure Some Users On This Site Could Help Thinking Up Nicknames For All The Pokemon:)

If Anyone Could Help With Nicknames, Post A Comment Below.

Anyway, Tell Me What You Think Pokemaster:)

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LOL :)
Groudon the tiny little mouse LOLOLOLOLOLOL:) and kyogre the puny little fish stick LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL:) (yes I realize a that a whale is not a fish) and raquaza the weak and pathetic flying lizard GIGA LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL:)
Honchcrow- Godfather! lololol
Latios- Delta
Hippowdon-Hippodoom Chikorita-Maple(Shiny) Lettuce(Not shiny) Torrtera-DoomTurtle I have lots more, cuz I nickname pokemon too much to not remember my nicknames.

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This is another "maybe"... I never nickname my pokemon so I'm not bothered but perhaps other members could put some ideas together and maybe I'll put it up.

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