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The reason for this is if you ask a question on the meta that might end up causing a row so what if an option that only lets admins see it and the person who asked the question.

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The only problem with this is that you'll get several repeat questions, more so than usual. Also, since the meta section is for suggestions for improvement of this site, it's probably a bit better to let people see so Pokemaster can get a good idea of other people's opinions. If something gets a ton of up-votes, then it indicates that a lot of people agree with that suggestion.

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No I mean questions about banning and all that
Ahhh. It still holds true though, you usually need the voices and opinions of several people to do something like banning to make sure it's justifiable.
Yah like if only one person wants someone banned then the person won't get banned, but if many people want someone banned like in the case of pokemon it is much more likely
Oh, what about you get to choose who is not aloud to see the question, although this will take a lot of time.