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Perhaps a notification feature?

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By this, have a box on the user's profile that tells them what questions/answers of theirs have been voted up or down. For instance, if I answer a question, and two weeks later, somebody votes it down, it would let me know. I think it would be useful that way we could see what we get voted on, and we can see if there was a legit reason for doing so, because people vote it down for no reason all the time. It would also be good to say who voted on said answer, because that can help crack down on people using accounts to vote themselves up. By doing this, we have the chance to stop unfair voting, help with unnecessary down voting, and be able to stop people from cheating and voting themselves up.

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I don't think we will ever have something that tells you who voted what up or down.

However, I'm hoping a better notification system will come in the next version of the software (I may be helping out with it), where you can see all the answers to your questions and comments on your posts, on one page.

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