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I finally got around to adding Speed Freak, PokemonBlack10, and Mew as moderators. Although there was some controversy around having too many moderators, I think this will work out fine as many of the mods are not constantly active (and that's how it should be, don't spend all your time on a Pokemon site).

For our new (and existing) mods, here are a few tips. First, use your powers sparingly and objectively.

You can select answers for other people's questions. This should only be done on old questions (i.e. months old), and only where there is a clear best answer.

You can view IPs of users, and see what accounts have been posting on that IP. You don't need to go checking everyone's IPs, only if something is actually suspicious or it was queried in the report users thread. I'll be adding some detection tools in the future too.

Another privilege is editing user's profiles. This is only to remove inappropriate/offensive content.

Banning powers should only be used as an absolute last resort after a user has been given several warnings. Chat now has the ability to kick people out if they are misbehaving, so we don't need to ban people for that.

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Congrats to Mike and Sf
Congratulations to PokemonBlack10 and Speed Freak! Good Luck in being Moderators!

A note: Mike is gone. Read his profile.
Wow! Congrats, Pb-10 & Speed Freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is why Monday's ROCK!
(Just as Mike leaves...)
yeah...I wonder if he plans on coming back?
Probably, its hard to walk away from this site unless you become super-busy.
I hope
:D congrats
Mike wont of left for good he has to much here to stay for
I talked to him on GChat. He is gone...
noooooo!!!!! :'(
The editing of users profiles actually only gives us the ability to remove the gravatars and to change the rank of the user to Registered User or Expert.

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Thank you I promise to do the best I can, I will be back Saturday :D

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Saturday happens to be the best day of the week, you know.