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Sometimes, i make teams of the BS and then my parents come in the middle of it, while i'm not finished and tell me to close the computer. This situation arrives ALL the time and it pisses me off. Is there a way to save my documents so i can continue the next day, without staying logged in the whole night? If not, somebody should make a Document Saving button to save stuff here.

Thank you in advance!

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Yeah, basically just save it as if it was done with "Will finish later" at the bottom.

This happens to users all the time, so just save it as if it was done. ;D

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Yup. The same happens to me. You're right.
Ok, thanks!
This happens to me all the time. Now I Know what to do.
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You could do one of these:

  1. Copy your post into Notepad and save it on your computer, then you can come back to it later.
  2. Save the post, bookmark it and hide it, then come back later, reshow it and edit.
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I think i may do the Notepad thingy.