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http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/user/Morning Glory\

Im not sure if its just my computer but on morning glory's account, her picture is in a different spot on the screen and the 'recommended questions' is right underneath it. Also, her status goes off the screen. Please edit this!

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nope.  I see it too. windows.
lol yea i was wondering why did that happened so i shorthened it

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Yeah, since the words from the profile information extend out from the page like The Pika said, the whole page centers off the screen. The profile picture is set to center in the middle of the page length, not in a specific location, so it shifts to the right because the page length is longer than usual.

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I fixed it.
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Well, this happens when people put to much in there profile and the words go all the way to the side of the screen and the picture is to the side also... you guys really need to put spaces after you commas >_>

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