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Pokemaster, how can you tell if someone has multiple accounts?

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Various methods, mainly based on your IP address (the unique 'address' of your computer or internet connection). I also look at who the users vote on, if they're voting normally on lots of different people then it's unlikely they are the same person and cheating (ie to vote their own answers).

I've found several members with seemingly multiple accounts, haven't really decided what to do about it yet. It could be different people, if many people are using the same internet connection.

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I'm no computer expert, so forgive me. But Since I use the internet at work, using their connection, will the IP address be the same? Because the user Houndoom and I both do this, and I do not want to come off as a cheater if they are.
Do you work at the same place? Anyway don't worry I won't ban you!