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I'm asking about someone making multiple accounts to give themselves upvotes, but the user lies about having brothers or sisters. What would happen to them? Especially if they even went as far as to put the names of accounts in the Connected Account Agreement section as brothers and/or sisters. Would a Moderator or someone be able to tell?

if you're smart you can get away with it
there's a rule against sibling voting
What if the person used multiple devices?
What would that change?
Oh. Good point.

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The connected account thread says you aren't allowed to vote your siblings. We can see who you're voting if we want to, so if you choose to break that part of the agreement, we'd likely find out. We'd ask you to remove the votes, and if you refused then we'd hand out bans.

If you lie about having a sibling and we find out, then we're going to have a pretty low opinion of you. If you decide to be honest, then I personally wouldn't ban you. But if you're not forthcoming, then you will likely be banned. We have no way of knowing for sure if you're telling the truth about having a sibling, but usually there are things that are difficult to explain away when somebody is lying.

If you lie about having a sibling and then decide to vote yourself, then I think you're an idiot. The thread you read and agreed to says we can match the IPs and check who you're voting. Putting the account on that thread basically alerts us to the situation too. We'd absolutely find out in that case.

If you know how the internet works (and maybe a bit about how Q2A works) and were very careful, you could make the accounts look as though they belong to different people. But we still don't allow buddy voting and can see when you're voting somebody a lot, so this probably isn't a viable avenue for spam voting yourself, either.

Also, we've been around the block a few times -- we have a pretty good idea of when something funny is going on. We're older than most of you and know more about the platform than most people, so it's difficult to cover all your tracks.

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