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Like, you guys know exactly what I mean. Would the user get expert anyways for the sake of unbiased tradition or would the mods be like “nah fam you kinda suck, sorry”

I'm desperately hoping for the second option but let's be real it's probably the first
Though honestly if they were that unreliable then they probably wouldn't make it/would be banned before getting to 6k.
I would assume the second tbh but I’m really interested to see what fizz would do
Me too I have to improve the quality of the posts if the second option is chosen

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They would gain editing powers immediately upon reaching 6,000 points, because that's how PokeBase is set up. That can be changed easily by Pokemaster if we foresee a problem.

Assigning the "Expert" title is a manual process, so we can just not give it to somebody we think doesn't deserve it.

would the mods be like “nah fam you kinda suck, sorry”

If the situation calls for it, yes.

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^also, no one ever took away my detaching/editing privileges when I used them to spam tags and capitalize the “s” in “sumwun”; I just got temp banned. I assume that’s how it would be handled for 6k points in Q&A (I got 2k in RMT).
*retagging, not detaching lmao