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Almost every pokemon has a "Whats a good moveset for ____" section and i was thinking that you could put a spot called "Suggested set:" and post something on the meta with 20-30 something pokemon and their moveset page (high number so there isn't much stuff clogging the meta) and afterward we can hide them..

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Put a spot where?
Somewhere around its level up moves
Isn't that kind of the point of voting up the movesets?
I don't agree with this. Someof the most upvoted are old sets that are just the most upvoted because they are old, not that they are the best.
well then we could just pick the best set. We could have a meta post that has about 20 pokemon with their moveset pages and we all vote. when we are done with that, hide it so it won't clog the meta.
We? No. Mods / Editors.
We went through and removed every best answer specifically to avoid this. There are some pokemon that can run a great set either way, so picking off a single best set isn't the most ideal thing to do, especially considering that some sets will work better than others in the context of its teammates.

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I think others summed it up in the comments. There is often not one perfect set so choosing one and putting it on the Pokedex pages wouldn't really work. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Also, I don't want to add much more to those pages if I can help it. I want to keep to vital information and move other stuff off to separate pages.

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okay i understand