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in the pages for pokemon, it doesn't say if they are legendary, mythical, ultra beast. it would be very helpful.

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What do you mean by section and what exactly would the point of this be?
you know how there is a pokedex on Pokemon data,
i want there to be some thing just so we can see all the legendry's, mythical and ultra beasts
So you want there to be a Pokedex of just Legendaries, Mythicals, and Ultra Beasts, similar to how there's seperate Pokedexes for each generation?
yes, and its title is Legendaries, Mythicals, and Ultra Beasts

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Good idea, and something I’ve considered before - just never got around to it.

I added another question to this one, which would be sort of the same thing but on each Pokedex page instead of one page for all legendaries.