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I press all the buttons and ask question right!


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Press what buttons and what doesn't come up? Could you be more specific?

It could also be mods hiding your questions because they break the rules. What kind of questions were they?

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Make sure to read the rules, as some of your questions were hidden. Vague questions that have no right answer, like your "weavile or glalie for my team" are not allowed, sorry.

In answer to your comment, chaitrak, the reason your question was hidden was because it appeared to be an in-game team question, which is not allowed. The other ones you mentioned were pros/cons questions which are generally okay, as long as it's actually meaningful (for example a "Pros/cons of Arceus vs Sunkern would be pointless).

Sometimes, other questions that break the rules manage to slip by our mods/editors. We can't police the site 100% at all times. If you want to ask your question again then do so, but first check these two questions because they will very likely answer your question:
Pros/cons of Froslass vs Glalie?
Pros/cons of Weavile vs Froslass?

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but there are millions of questions like frosslass or glalie, mach punch or close combat...
so why can't I!
Because they are not allowed.
chaitrak I updated my answer with more explanation.
Thanks a lot!