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Okay, so what I want to know is, how do I ask a question where it is concerning whether or not my Moveset is good or not, but I need advice on it?

My question is to replace a certain move with a certain move and If it is a smart decision or not.
How do I ask something like that? It is not like just answering a Moveset question and than there and done, I need advice on it!

maybe try asking "whats are good replacement moves for ____ " and in the body show your moveset.
Yes, l would of done something like that already, but l want to be sure that it is okay first.

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Getting this off the Unanswered List. Basically, you ask the question as if you want some to rate the Moveset, but explain what you want replaced, or what you can't decide to choose. Some examples you can follow:

Both of those questions are similar to what you're asking here, so follow that format and you'll be fine. Such an old Q BTW xP

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