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What i mean is adding a Checkbox ☑ next to the password textbox named Unmask that, when checked, it shows the actual password instead of ⚫'s. I understand it is masked for sercurity reasons. However, places like home or wherever we are alone should be ok for unmasking. This would be helpful for new passwords/ users to get used to them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

P.S. & completely unrelated: I found these websites that have the same format as this site. Just thought it was funny.

Stack Overflow

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Just mentioning that's it's pretty much extremely common for people to use the same password for all logins.
I know. I do the same thing. But there comes a time where you need a new one or a change.
about the unmasking, they probably just also use questions2answer
@GrayTest: I don't understand.
Sorry, I meant to type about the websites...
oo. Yes, clearly. I just thought it was funny to see how alike they were.

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I am not sure if 'unmasking' is possible, I believe some browsers don't allow changing of password fields to regular text fields for security concerns. Honestly I don't think it is a big problem that you can't see the characters you type - basically every other website in the world does the same and it works fine for them.

As for those websites, the software we use (Question2Answer) is loosely based on their system. Stack Overflow etc use their own original system, not Q2A. They kind of revolutionised the Q&A format and were the inspiration for me starting this site.

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