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One suggestion to be put in is all I ask.

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Short and sweet.

HAND PICK EXPERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the large font der, but seriously.

Editing powers shouldn't come so easy. Everyone and another 9001 users have suggested this. It seems necessary to get rid of points getting you privileges. You said it yourself, it isn't a matter of deserving, but need.

Also, suggested by trachy some time ago, if two Mods agree let them make an Expert. Otherwise Mods getting Promoting privileges is stupid. You may have noticed, trachy made myself and UberPwnage Experts recently. So why do they have the power if you didn't agree?

Mods + Editors feel free to edit this with other points about it.

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Can you provide some examples of where users that were given editing powers have misused them?
One word: trachy. But seriously, everyone and their brother has wanted this.
Bad example considering he was handpicked :P
trachy abuses editing powers? Since when?
What? Me? How dare you good sir. How dare you challenge my honor. Pistols at noon! And the gloves are off!
Trachy jokes around sometimes but the whole "corrupt mod" thing is just joke and nothing more. He is a great Mod.
I think Ninja was also joking around there.

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So this is like 18 months later now... so I'm just going to answer this as "I think it's fine as it is" :D

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