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How about Followers?

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I've read the "Friends post" and saw it was rejected. So, how about followers? When people Favorite you, they have an option favorite you or they can follow you.

Before you ask "Is this like Twitter followers?", read the entire post.

So you cannot see your own followers but others can see your followers. And yes, you can see how many followers you have. Something like, It says (Next to my favorites) how many followers I have and if I click on it it says something like: "You are not allowed to see this page".

The reason I'm saying we can't see our followers is because of privacy. What if someone doesn't want you to know you are following them? Or it could cause a problem or something.

When others look at your profile, they click on the number and it lists the users and links to their profile. Just to say, other users should be forbidden to tell you your followers inside the DB.

It's okay if this is rejected. No prob, it's just a suggestion to help the site

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Lol at your preveOus comment but I'm not sure of the point in followers if you can't see them but maybe if you can update your own page with stuff like I'm off to the beach today that may be good.
I want followers!
Sounds kind of pointless. I mean what would you follow? Speed Freak posted a new answer! (Why not just check my profile?) This is a Q/A base with a chat, it is not supposed to be Pokemon Facebook or Twitter.
^ He has a point you could just check their profile

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That is what favoriting is for.

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