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Everyone who didn't have a gravatar now has a Pikachu gravatar? Is this just my computer, or...?

P.S. I use Chrome & IE. It's also only on PokeBase.

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i was gonna ask this, but i could not upload he screenshot. Thank you for asking.
:D I couldn't upload the users page either, but if you have the same problem as me, you'll understand what I mean :D
oh tnx UP for the screenshot :)
I think on the Pokebase, its for people that have their Gravatar turned off. If you get a Gravatar, then you can have either that gravatar or the Mysterious Pikachu.
I can see myself!
Urgh, i don't like it. xP

Me-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh COTTONEE!!

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This isn't a bug. Bugs like this don't happen.

Pokemaster probably edited the "None" avatar to be the Pikachu, and is still a work in progress.

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This is correct, although it's not a work in progress - it looks fine as it is.
Meta still needs it PM.