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this may sound completely insane, but hear me out. My idea is we make a page that allows people to post art, digital or traditional medias, as long as they are related to pokemon. these include characters (anime or games), actual pokemon, Gijinkas whatever else you can think of that is related to pokemon. the art should be credited to the user & the most recent could also be posted on your user page. i was also thinking that we might be able to have contests for "the Pokemon Database" bar.

i don't know if other people would like this idea, but comment on what you think

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This was already suggested like 2 years ago and Pokemaster said no on the grounds that he did not want to have to go through loads of art work.
I actually quite like this idea, mods and editors could easyly disaproove an image if needed.
It gives people like sam a place to show off his work which i love but not many people see his pieces.
We could give feedback and even rate images.
This sounds really cool!
hmmm well there could be rules for what you can post & a flag system like on questions.

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If I ever get round to adding a general forum, there could be a section for artwork. But in the meantime, what SF said is right, I don't have time to go through artwork and find the best stuff.

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well i'm not sure you'd necessarily have to go through yourself, you don't go through the questions, & there could be a function so that they are ordered from most voted up, but its ok if you don't have time.