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I think there needs to be some more because there is only 1 from the Sinnoh Region!

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I can think of one - Snowpoint City Gym.

If anyone else knows of some that we should add, post them as answers!

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Would Pastoria City be an Option?
Yes, that's the one with the raising/lowering of water. Took me a little while to get round that one :)
I thought that one was easy. The snowball thing in Snowpoint was annoying though. Perhaps also Seafoam Island HG/SS, and Ice type gym in HG/SS (forgot city name, but it is on the tip of my tongue.)
I have got Pastoria City done, but couldn't draw it. I wrote it because it would take a lot of designs because of the water levels. How do I transfer it to you, Pokemaster?
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As said before, Snowpoint Gym is a good one. Other good ones might be:

Seafoam Island HG/SS
The Ice type Gym in HG/SS (still can't remember the City name)
Cereulean Cave HG/SS
In Ruby/Sapphirre/Emerald The complete Water routes after Lilycove City, especially a path to navigate the currents

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Maybe the saffari zone.

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