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Since how many points is user Expert?

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I see some that WILL and speed freak are Experts. And, BTW, what does it mean?

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I made people mods manually, it doesn't do it automatically based on points. But I'm hoping the next version of the software will automatically give people a few more privileges as they get more points.

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Nic3! :D
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I'm not sure, but I think 10,000 points is the amount to be an expert. As far as I know, Will and SF have the power to edit questions and answers, whereas editors like Trachy, swampert, and myself can hide, uncover, and see questions/answers, and assign best answer to things in addition to editing abilities. and Pokemaster obviously has godlike powers on this site, able to do anything and everything.

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Since 10 000? YEAH! //godlike xD//