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Everyday users repeat answers on questions that don't need them. It's getting more common, I mean I flagged someone and told them to read the rules and then 3 minutes later another person does the same thing on the same question. Can we do anything about this.

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We are doing something about this. What do you think Mods and Editors do?

When new users answer an old question it needs to be approved by Pokemaster/Mods/Editors. And we frequently check recent activity and flagged posts.

You just keep flagging and we will hide it. But we are doing the best we can, so unless you have any ideas please do not make a post on the meta complaining about it.

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I get tired of it but i never made a post. Keep it up, Mods/Editors.
Let's not forget the fact that the longer the site is around, the more posts there are, meaning more potential for repeat questions. Some are pretty obvious too, but some are just really obscure ones that would likely take several pages of searching after looking it up (especially if it's worded differently) which most people wouldn't do since they can just ask their question.
You're right, my question is still, why don't people just do the site a favor and read the rules also I didn't mean to insult the mods and editors in any way, you guys do a good job.
Because it is the internet, there are tons of people who do not read or care about rules.
Plus, many people aren't trying to be rude about it. There wouldn't be a need for mods/editors/experts if there were absolutely no issues.
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Regarding repeat answers - as SF said we already have stuff in place to take care of this.

And remember, it doesn't matter if someone answers in a short space of time. People here are getting too uptight about someone answering within a few minutes, it's stupid.

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Really, people need to just stop mini-modding. Most of the time they are wrong about things.